So tomorrow is the day. I am an expectant mom to my fourth – two on earth with me today, one in heaven, and one waiting for me in her province.

Today as I reflected on my fourth coming into my family, I admit I wept for my second. At this moment, I have two kids right with me, and two are separated. But on Monday I will be united with my fourth child. However, my second child, I will not hold until heaven. My family will not truly be complete until we are all together in heaven (if everyone responds to Christ!).

When we were shopping before departure for China, I told my mom to park in the expectant mothers’ parking.  Why? I am an expectant mother. I am expecting a daughter – not from my body, but from my heart.

Tomorrow my fourth child, my third daughter, will be placed in my arms for the first time. After inches of paperwork, months of prayer, and intense longing to have her in our presence; the moment is almost here.

At 11:30 am Chinese time on Monday, our family will be brought into a room, and my daughter will be brought to me.

I will reach for her and our journey will truly begin.

Until then, I expect.