L closeup BWHi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope that through reading these posts you will enjoy some fresh perspectives and powerful stories of encouragement that move you toward Jesus. I love Jesus, and I hope to propel his purposes on earth. I want him to be famous among every people group, and I want everyone to have access to a relationship with him.

Years ago, while standing on a rooftop in Asia on a pitch-black night, I complained and grumbled to God about the spiritual darkness and my desire to go back home where light shined more brightly. I expressed that the pain over the lostness felt like a sword twisting in my heart. In gentle whispers, I felt the Lord express that what I felt was only a portion of what he felt when he looked over the lostness.  God then asked me a question. Leslie, will you share my burden with me? 

I was shocked, since I had always asked God to share my burdens. Instead, God invited me to share His burden. Friends share burdens, so I realized that his question and my response would deeply impact the level of friendship I shared with Almighty God. Wow! 

Since that poignant question years ago, I have studied the word “burden” and discovered that in Hebrew the word has a dual meaning. It means “a heavy concern.” It also means “an oracle/word.” In essence, God was asking me to share His concern for the broken world and proclaim his Word.

I continue to discover in my journey that the abundant life Christ offers is tied directly to bearing the burden of light. When God’s light shines, the darkness cannot overcome it, and joy increases. Click to view My Bio or My One Sheet.

What I blog about I hope that through my blogs you always leave with this message: God loves you and entrusts you to bear the burden of light joyfully. Below are some of the topics I blog about:

  • Parenting On the Go with Acorns – Adventures of a mobile (and nomadic) missional family
  • Women in Leadership – Compelling stories that can double God’s labor force
  • Our Adoption Journey – The ups and downs and waiting’s to bring our daughter home from China
  • Partnership in Marriage – The fun and difficulties of loving and leading together
  • Discipleship – Practical how-to’s for following Christ in a broken world

Leslie 3About My Family I have been married to my best friend Chad since 1998. We are committed to partnership in marriage, ministry, and parenting. What a ride – learning what it means to follow Christ side-by-side as husband and wife. We have four children – Joeli, Joy (in heaven), Eden Samuel, and we eagerly await our daughter from China. When I can find a spare moment of time, I love to run, work puzzles, scrapbook, and hang out with family and friends. I’d like to invite you to join me through subscribing by email to receive my posts. I hope through this site that you find encouragement and a community of people bearing the burden of light. I would love to hear from you through your comments to the posts as well so we can learn from one another.

Keep shining,



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