We have enjoyed our time in Beijing! C and I have been here before several times.  But never for the purpose of getting over jetlag before picking up a daughter! I can’t believe we will have her in our arms in less than two days!

Since arriving we have walked on the Great Wall, gone to an acrobatic show, eaten incredible food, shared J with several, hiked above the Forbidden City, swam, participated in a tea ceremony, met a college friend for dinner, and more. As Lisa on the team said, “Well, you can tell we joined a trip with Chad and Leslie! Long days!” We seriously do not mean to do this!

Tomorrow morning we fly to Phoebe’s province, meet with our adoption guide and find out what time we will have Phoebe in our arms on Monday.

It continues to baffle me how many people so desperately need to hear the Gospel- people right in the capital who have never heard the Good News. I shared with one young woman who had never heard of Jesus. She said to me that it is okay to have a relationship with God like me, and it is okay to have a relationship without God like her – what matters is your heart.

I picked up on the heart comment and said, “Oh, I used to have a very dirty heart.”

She said, “Huh, no!?!”

I explained how my heart used to be dirty and is now only clean because of Jesus. After having a conversation, she said, “I like these words. They make my heart feel good. I may just take this belief myself someday. I like it.”

Yesterday on the Great Wall, we gave everyone on our “team” shirts we made that said things like daddy, mommy, grandmother, big sister, big brother and auntie – Chad writes some good characters! We have one waiting for little sister too!

We had a special prayer time praying for Phoebe on the Great Wall and praying for both her birth parents and her foster parents. For me it was a very special time for our team and eternally significant for Phoebe.

After speaking to so many who have never heard the Good News, I rejoice even more that Phoebe is coming into our family where she will be introduced to the Name of Jesus, starting in less than 48 hours. Yes! And as our 5 year old says, “This is a very, very good plan.”

Thanks for your prayers!