Wow! That was fun! This afternoon we told the kids we had made our final decision! The reactions were great! There was so much flurry to their arm motions to celebrate, we could not even capture many clear photos.

Now the wait time begins. We know WHO she is, but we don’t know WHEN we can go pick her up!

I love how excited my kids are about their little sister. I love the heart of Joeli who always talks about how important it is for her to be a big sister. “Oh, this is hard. I have to be a good example for them so they’ll do what I do! This job is so hard!”

I love how Eden immediately began to talk about how he would make her laugh and how he would help her to not get hurt.

Joeli was with us when we got the phone call about the referral and she heard us talking about her cleft lip and palate. Then the file came so she could see the picture.

When Joeli first saw her picture on my phone, she took the phone and kissed the girl staring back at her. With tears in her eyes, she said, “I love her Mommy. I want her to be my sister.”

When Eden saw her for the first time, we didn’t tell him about her lip first. He looked at the picture and began to laugh and laugh. He pointed to her hair (which stood straight up!). He said, “Her hair is funny! I like her hair.” He stood and stared at her picture for probably three minutes. Then he said, “Oh, what’s on her lip?” We explained her lip and that we’d help her when we got home if God chose her for us. He said, “Oh okay.” He then skipped off.

The celebration erupted as we knew God chose this girl and we chose this girl to become part of our family!