As a family in ministry, God has shown us the importance of including our children in the ministry. We knew it would cost us a bit to get them to China and wanted them to appreciate the trip and the contributions they made.

So with the adoption costs, the kiddos got involved. We purchased candles for them to sale. At the garage sale, they also sold cake balls. They learned (specifically Joeli) about speaking clearly and loudly for people to hear and to give the pertinent details for making a sale!IMG_7064

I knew about J and J Candles. So we purchased 100 candles and hoped and prayed through the sale we’d make close to one of the kids’ plane tickets!

I am writing this post after we have sold quite a bit of the candles. Friends and family helped us sale some of them. We still have about 25 to sale so if you’re interested in purchasing a candle for $15, let us know!