As soon as our paperwork began its journey to China, we knew we had around 1 year to raise our funds. So we decided to host a garage sale on October 24-25. We had NO idea that we would be hosting the garage sale that we would have that week received a referral and made a decision. It added so much intimacy and excitement to the event.

Some of the cool events:

  1. Family donated items (good items) and my sisters and parents helped us put it on. Despite all the work, we had loads of fun!
  2. Neighbors and friends realized what we were doing and donated items (amazing items!).
  3. We raised almost $2000!
  4. God brought people to the garage sale that we were able to minister to – an adopted woman adopted by a not so good family… a Chinese neighbor down the street who heard the Gospel (and liked what he heard because he later brought gifts for our kids)… a woman who had tragically lost her child in an accident and we mourned together and rejoiced that we each had children with Jesus… and more.
  5. A local church that burned came to see if we had any books. We had several boxes of Christian books so the garage sale helped a church’s library.

Some of the not-so-cool events:

  1. It was a COLD weekend in October. Brrrrrrr….
  2. A couple of people actually stole things – even while knowing the event was to help an adoption. Oh well! One son learned a not so valuable lesson in ethics from his dad.

As a family we enjoyed our work together for a high purpose – bringing our daughter and sister home!