On October 15, we were officially logged into the system of China. The LID (Log-In-Date) means that we join the pool of people waiting for a referral.  We expected to wait at least 3-6 months before we received a referral.

On October 17, I picked Chad up at the airport. We decided to catch up with one another at Chiles.  As I drove us out of the airport, my phone rang, but Chad picked it up.  Our social worker was on the line for our adoption agency .  Driving, I thought maybe another check was due (gulp). Instead, she said, “There is a little girl’s file I think you might want to look at.  Would you like to see this referral?”

Yes! Because she is special needs (Clept lip and Palate) we were given one week to review her file.

Dazed, we parked at Chiles. Our eyes connected, and I think we each saw in the other fear, excitement, overwhelmedness (may not be a word, but I am SURE it was in our eyes!), shock and probably a bit of anxiety!  We sat down and immediately files began to come into our inbox for this little one in China.

How do you actually read a file about a little girl who needs a mommy and daddy? How do you look in the face of a child whose face and story have been captured in a set of photos and a medical file?  How do you both see her and yet keep your ears tuned to God?  How do you know that the child you see on your computer screen is your forever child? 

As were both pouring over the files on our phones, I finally realized our patient and kind waitress standing just staring at us. She had said something – must have been asking our drink order.  “Yes, a diet coke and a water.  So sorry.  We just got a referral for possibly our daughter in China.”  Tears immediately formed in our waitress’s face, and she quickly walked away to fill our drink orders.

As we read her file, my mind raced. My heart beat wildly.  My eyes teared up.  My hands shook.  Is she the one?

We must have ordered because food appeared at our table. I don’t think we ate much of it.  We seemed to take home several take-away boxes.  Other waitresses came by with tears pooling in their eyes saying, “We have all heard back in the kitchen.  There are tears.  We are so excited.  This hits me quite personally.  Thank you.”  Another woman walked up and said, “I couldn’t help but overhear what was happening.  I struggle with infertility and my husband and I are considering adoption.  I am moved today.”

As a family, we are connected to God and one another in deep prayer for discernment.

But deep down, do I already know?…….